About us


The company is structured around highly specialised and motivated staff that respond to all customer and and distributor requests with dynamism and competence.

Chief Executive Office and Sales Director.
Graduated in law from the university of Perugia

Head of the integrated quality, environmental and safety management system.
Graduated in Electronic Engineering from the University of Ancona, he first joined Teletecnica in 1985, where he has held several positions before his current one: Head of Research and Development, Quality System Manager, Technical Director.

Head of purchases and production.
Industrial Technician specialised in IT with over 25 years of experience in the management of purchases and the organization of production.

Head of testing division and customer care.
Industrial Technician specialised in Electronics and with over twenty years of experience in Testing and Inspection.

Head of Design and Technical Director.
Graduated in Electronic Engineering, he first joined Teletecnica in 1993. Initially as Head of Research and Development. He then joined the Technical Division as Head of Design.